web development and
design from Sin City.

Hi there! My name is Ben. I design and develop websites with bold typography, subtle gradients and modern technology. I am a stickler for details, dedicated to gaming, coffee and music.

/memeunity Staking

Created a landing page for investors in the memeunity cryptocurrency project to stake their tokens and earn incredibly high APY returns. This is one of the first cryptocurrency DeFi projects I've completed.

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memeunity is best described as the "Agora of Happiness". It's a decentralized social network that mainly focuses on the universal languages of laughter, comedy, and humor.

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/tenant report

tenant report enables landlords to quickly and easy gather background reports & info about their rental applicants - for free!

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a subdomain of wasabii.dev! it's a simple RGB / HEX / color name page, showcasing 146 CSS colors and their respective codes/names. I use this tool daily!

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/best mattress picks

best mattress picks is a mattress affiliate site driven by hyper-ppc campaigns. part of my responsibilities here included developing and maintaining the site's design, analytics, and codebase.

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/advia consulting

advia consulting is an adaptive consulting firm, focusing on serving enterprise-class clients, providing them with financial analysis, reporting, and forecasting services.

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/the HUP

theHUP.org offers substance testing kits and promotes harm reduction throughout the drug user community. the focus of my work here has been onpage SEO and CRO, with split testing beginning shortly.

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/credit glory

building out this site was fun, and a challenge! credit glory hosts hundreds of dynamic landing pages, targeting credit repair searches. design, dev, and CRO were my main tasks here!

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/obsessive passion.

fueled by coffee and nightowlish tendencies, my time is entirely devoted to learning, growth, and creative expression.