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app dev with {style}.

Hi there! My name is Ben. I design and develop websites with bold typography, subtle gradients and modern technology. I am a stickler for details, dedicated to crypto, coffee and music.

/tenant report

tenant report enables landlords to quickly and easy gather background reports & info about their rental applicants - for free!

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a subdomain of! it's a simple RGB / HEX / color name page, showcasing 146 CSS colors and their respective codes/names. I use this tool daily!

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/best mattress picks

best mattress picks is a mattress affiliate site driven by hyper-ppc campaigns. part of my responsibilities here included developing and maintaining the site's design, analytics, and codebase.

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dosetest offers substance testing kits and promotes harm reduction throughout the drug user community, with fentanyl testing kits being their biggest seller. I previously focused on marketing & design, with a new focus on boosting sales through new partnerships.

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/credit glory

building out this site was fun, and a challenge! credit glory hosts hundreds of dynamic landing pages, targeting credit repair searches. design, dev, and CRO were my main tasks here!

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/quickly journal

quickly journal is a new and upcoming application aimed towards the private journaling community. this project has so far involved building out a front end website (using Webflow), with an actual web application currently in development.

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/digital fox

digital fox is a digital marketing agency that we've worked with in the past. they've assisted our clients with a variety of services, such as email marketing, SEO, CRO, content creation, and more. check out their side scrolling website!

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a project that a client had me create, but never quite decided to run live with! still had fun building this out, though - simple, clean, and a neat idea - it would've been cool to push forward with it!

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/creative passion.

fueled by coffee and nightowlish habits, my time is spent geeked out, learning & creating - always pushing the edge of my limits.